Local & Community Information

City of St. Louis - Development
The City of St. Louis' official development site offers detail on most ongoing and upcoming projects along with various tools to help you get started as an investor.

City of St. Louis - Neighborhoods
When investing in St. Louis it is crucial to account for the neighborhood factor. There are 79 neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis and it helps to understand the trends and borders of the neighborhoods you are considering investing in.

Geo St. Louis
This site, hands down, offers the most detailed statistical information on the City of St. Louis. You can use this site to investigate the median income or number of building permits in a given area or neighborhood. There are also a variety of mapping tools, which can be very helpful.

Regional Housing and Communicty Development Alliance
This organization unites the efforts of various neighborhood development associations throughout the city.

Real Estate Development & Investment Groups

Urban St. Louis
An online message board that is a great source of information on developments going on in St. Louis. This site offers a wider variety of information than any other site I know of.

St. Louis Rehabbers Club
This site is dedicated to helping local real estate investors and rehabbers. There is a lot of valuable information about al aspects of these projects to be found on this site. The listserve is a good way to keep in touch with news and other rehabbers.

St. Louis Real Estate Investors Club
This group brings together likeminded local investors to network through meetings and online discussions. They're worth a look.

Legal Links & Documents

Missouri Tenant & Landlord Law
The legalities of what you can and need to do as a landlord. Whether you manage your own properties or have a property management company do it for you, it is helpful to understand this information.

Local Business News

St. Louis Business Journal
The best source on local business news.

St. Louis Post Dispatch - Business
Another good source for local business news.

Searching For Properties
If you want to browse through properties currently on the market this is the site for you.

Craig's List
A great source for locating properties and services.

Tax Credits

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives
This site contains all the information and applications necessary to get started with federal tax credits.

State Historic Preservation Tax Credit
This site contains all the information and applications necessary to get started with state tax credits.